Daniel Selans

The Crafter

Originally from Latvia, emigrated to the US at the ripe age of 15. Daniel has spent most of his time in sunny Florida where he was able to spend countless hours skateboarding by day and messing with Linux by night. These days he enjoys working on new projects, discovering new music and spending time with his family.

Tags: unix, edm, ambient, drum n bass, progressive metal, python, motocross, heineken, tattoos
Kayla Selans

The Stirrer

A southern girl who was born in Oxford, Mississippi on a February morning, Kayla grew up swinging in oak trees and kept a diary on a floppy disk underneath her mattress. She creates all of the websites here, optimizes them, and fills them with delicious content.

Tags: in love, spaghetti, dinosaurs, perfume, manicures, trees, ginger ale, photography, hot cocoa, surprises, candles, stars, stickers
Liam Selans

The Snuggle Bear

Liam just turned two and loves to play in water, be picked up high, run in fields, take things out of boxes and sometimes put them all back, scribble with markers, go through things in cabinets, ride in the car, go crazy on the bed, watch the rain, stomp in puddles, point at everything, dance, give kisses, play with stickers and chase bubbles.

Tags: raspberries, cheese, tomato soup, juice, bunnies, kisses
Gavin Selans

Coming Soon

Still Loading for January 2015